An expository essay on managing population explosion in nigeria

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HIV/AIDS in Nigeria Essay

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Essay on controlling hiv/aids in nigeria

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Friday, December 17, Population explosion. Though faulted on some aspects today, developing nations still strive to escape the Malthusian Trap — the 18th Century epochal thesis by Robert Malthus that set the tone for keeping population growth at pace with economic growth.

Nigeria should key strongly into this. Nigeria needs, therefore, to control its population to make meaningful progress.

545 words essay on Population explosion in India

It is not by accident that other major oil exporting countries with manageable population, like Kuwait, whose 4. With the youth population and others in their productive years of years age bracket — at At the same time, there should be a renewed determination and the political will to implement the National Policy on Population for Sustainable Development that outlines a sectoral strategy to manage our rising population, rolled out in but ignored thereafter.

By the time China ended its one-child policy in after 35 years, its population had moved from Going forward, Nigeria should aggressively revive and re-energise its family planning programmes. All tiers of government should join hands and work closely with donors, NGOs and local communities to penetrate all parts of the country and overcome cultural and religious customs that promote having so many children.

The Effects of Population Growth in Nigeria

The count down of the number of a person living in a particular region. There are many causes of overpopulation. The primary cause is the illiteracy, migration, improper medical facilities and many more. Overpopulation is a serious social problem for every country but, there are some countries who still growing their population rapidly.

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The population should not be less or more than a requirement. If the country is facing less population problem it means they as less manpower and due to this the nation growth can be restricted. Similarly, the overpopulation consumes more natural resources, restricting the same.

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In the whole world, the total population was counted with the 7. Overpopulation has an adverse impact on the future of India.

Tackling Nigeria's Population explosion

As a result, we should take some measure to control the population as early as possible. According to the survey, it was concluded that India ranks second in the term of the population after China.